thank you

I dont know exactly what your name is but i wanna thank you for putting up a site with a wealth of knowledge and thats free! I remember being on this forum when it was truly underground and called those days you could find any information about working out for mma for free. these days everything cost an arm and leg. But i aint hatin because todays superstars deserve more money anyways. Thanks again

Well the name for the person behind the webiste is wayne scrapper fisher. ANd I tried the workouts for free and have gotten great results that I felt I had to by his mod1 as support for him and what did I get I found out I was doing my workouts like a sissy compared to him guess what more improvements scrapper is the best if you want to call it that thing that we have around here there is no excuse not to be in shape with his workouts.

Big TTT for Scrapper. I had the pleaure of meeting him while we were both training with Scott Sonnon. Scrapper is a hell of a guy and a great trainer, this forum is lucky to have him.