Thank You UG!

 Just a quick thought as another year ends.  UG and MMA fans in general have been supportive of projects i've been a part of since before 01/01/01.  To all those fans of Super Brawl, ICON Sport, or any other event for that matter (yes even EliteXC),  THANK YOU.  I feel like i haven't worked a day since January of 1996 when i started in this game.  And for all the FOX noobs that have know idea who I am...Fuck You...and Fuck the UG!

Now in strictly marketing mode..if this thread stays in the top 100 till monday I will randomly pick a poster and they will win a set of ProElite gloves signed by the fighter of their choice!

Now please feel free to massacre the latest fight poster and commercial Rich Chou and I put our heart and soul into.



Say what's up to BJ!!

We want him back!!! Phone Post

TTT for T.Jay and good luck with the event!

TTT. I'll be there. Phone Post

 That poster is awesome!

Good luck TJ and thank you for your contribution to our sport and the Hawaii MMA scene of the past , present, and future


Thank YOU Mr Thompson

That poster is titties. Big titties. Phone Post

Thanks K!

i 'borrowed' the poster concept from a 1970's Kung Fu movie poster i found.


Voted all the way up! Phone Post


love the commercial.....
will be hoping to see Minowa smash Grove.

 This event will be live on HDNET btw

 t. jay are you guys selling proelite gloves? that poster is awesome btw

Kirik -  That poster is awesome!


TGDP-We do lots of give always at and gloves are one of the prizes. We also sell them at the event but not online yet. Phone Post

Ok in the interest of pure marketing. If this thread stays in top 100 till Monday I'll give away a pair of signed ProElite gloves signed by the fighter of your choice! I'll randomly pick a poster. Phone Post

TJ why no mccorkle?