Thank you

Hello everyone,

It is said that your net worth is determined by your network and I truly have one of the best networks around! I am especially grateful to my training team consisting of head coach, Professor Paul Abel, Thai coach Kru Mel Bellissimo, strength and conditioning coach Alex Possamai of Crossfit Bolton and Chris Pricket (national wrestling champion) for all his help with my wrestling
as well as the entire Guelph Wrestling Team. Secondly I want to thank all of my sponsors, RIDM.NET, GP8 Sport Water, Nest Creative, KODE garments, Kimurawear, Khampmedia and I want to thank all of my friends and fans who made it to the fight as well as those who watched online; you guys are amazing! Thank you to Dr. Robert Ames for all his help getting me medically cleared and to my amazing girlfriend Rachel, for her unwavering support and encouragement. Thanks as well to Matt Macgrath and to the entire Wulfrun MMA team for all your help getting me ready for this fight and for your hospitality while I was in PEI. I would also like to thank all of my training partners from Gracie Humaita Bolton and Lanna Muay Thai for keeping me going in my day to day training, as always. I am also grateful to the Jewel brothers, Doug Smith, Adrian Woolley and Jorge Britto for coming out to our training camps and for helping me prepare for this fight. I would also like to give an extra special thanks to my opponent, Eric Attard, for stepping up and sharing the cage with me; and finally, I want to express my appreciation to the Score Fighting Series for the opportunity to fight, and for their exceptional professionalism and top notch treatment. It was an amazing show. I felt really strong and ready for an all out battle this fight. I feel like I was in the best physical and mental shape of my career and I'm looking forward to firing it up again real soon!


Jason Saggo

Great Fight, Congrats.