Thank you!

The info and feedback that you offer is so great and I appreciate all the guidance. I am very thankful to have you all as resources in my life even if it is just electronically (although I do know several of you IRL). It is really weird because although I have been working in the grappling circuit for many years, I never thought I would personally get into Jiu Jitsu. Even though I had been to a few classes here and there over the years I never fully committed until fiancé pushed me to this past summer. I have been training regularly since July and I am finally feeling like I am making a turning point in my white belt journey. So, again, thank you for all your help. No need to respond. Just sharing. :)

Congrats! How'd the black belt idea work out? Phone Post 3.0

I didn't do it, but I did already tell him about it. He said he would like it with the date he was promoted too, so y'all called it. I'm taking him with me when we get it done.

We just left the Houston Open where or professor took gold. He beat Alex Martins twice. Yay!!! I don't really understand the IBJJF round robin thing though. But still, YAY!!!! LOL! Phone Post 3.0