Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. I especially want to thank Denis Kang, a guy could not ask for a better training partner. Also, thank you to Greg Allen for the many hours of hard work dealing with the business end of things. Thanks to all the guys in both PG and Vancouver who helped get me ready; Tony, Vlad, Steph, Tracy, Ian and Kajan.
Again, Thank you.
Bill 'the Butcher' Mahood

Congrats Bill. Looking forward to seeing you in the ring again in May!

Thank you Bill.....see you in a few days.

Congrats Bill! great fight. I have a small video of the ending of your fight from the weekend. What is your email?

crazyhook. You can reach PG Fight Club @
Hope you enjoyed the event.

congrats on the win from the halifax guys.

Bill thanks for competing out here...I know it was a long road! Best of luck in Aussie and with your LHW title quest here at home. When you a chance please email me

all the best,

Pete Rodley

Best of luck Bill. It was great seeing you fight for the first time.

TTT for Greg Allen, Denis Kang, PG Fight Club, and last but not least Bill Mahood.

Thank you East Coast.... Looking forward to getting together soon.

TTT for Bill Mahood

Bill, always a class act!

Kick ass in Oz Bill, hope you got the video

Hey Bill,
You're welcome! Its truly MY PLEASURE giving you guys a bit of a beatdown! HA! Hope to see you soon. -T-

Bill you have a huge future....
Just do your thing...
Mark and myself are huge fans of yours....

Shawn Tompkins

Team Tompkins

Hey Butcher

It was good to see you win your first TKO fight.

I look forward to seeing you in action against Patric Cote in May. All the best.

"The Sushiboy"

The Butcher rules...congrats my man.