Got your package, but I am offended at your blessing. Your blasphemy is not warranted.


Bradleyist doubted me?  Complete the mission.  That message was supposed to self destruct in 10 seconds.

please do not be offended...knock on the door and someone will answer....

Tell fathead I said good luck...

JM: "Arias said good luck."

Fathead: "Who the fuck is Arias?"

Me: "you know. that bitch you IM'ed that 1 night."

Fathead: "oh. cook. TEll him I appreciate his support".

Shall I still tell him what you asked?

It's been awesome. Beans came through with a few, you did too, and Fathead hooked up the mothaload. Plus, I got to kick it with Michael Westbrook a little. Cool cat.

-- Shall I still tell him what you asked? --

Doh!  Remind me what I asked or in mail...

I have T.U.F flyers as well if you need some...