Thanks, Dragon and Richard for having me and Nemisis Jack at your club this evening. It was fun and lots of good techniques and rolling. You had plenty of mat space and the mats were in excellent shape. Parking was easy, as there's that huge lot beside the club. The atmsophere was welcoming by everyone, and all the guys there including yourself made it a worthwhile adventure. Your crew made me work hard tonight and I appreciated it. You have some top quality guys there that will be awesome someday, and many are now. The Ontario BJJ scene should prepare for Eric and his crazy skills. I will be back and so will Jack.

Its great our clubs will be affiliated with each other, and Team Alliance will be stronger in Ontario now.

Anyone and Everyone in the Kitchener/Waterloo area who is interested in training BJJ needs to check out Dragon and Richards club. There at 113 Charles St W. at the Olympia Judo Club in Kitchener.

Dragon is a Purple Belt (Alliance/Master Team)
Richard is a Blue Belt (Alliance/Master Team)

Thanks Wiley/Jay

TTT for Dragon and Richard!!!


I miss all the fun

oh well, welcome to my neck of the woods, boyz


Jay, next time give a shout when you're thinking of coming down to train. I'll skip work and come along.

Hope to see you guys out again soon! Thanks,


Hey Eric, how was the Pride experience

Jay either Dragan is alliance or he is master!!! longers i know is "NO" alliance/master!!!

Pride was INCREDIBLE!! It's crazy how many people were there just to see a couple guys beat each other up. And when it's over, everyone disappears in about 5 minutes. Got to see a Shooto event as well!


Good to see two of my old private students working there way up the ranks. Congratulations abd Good Luck Dragon & Richard

Scott Schilling
Hybrid Defense Systems


I saw you at the Ontario Open just as you were leaving but I didn't get a chance to say hello. I saw Chad briefly and we chatted for a brief moment as he was about to leave. I know about the whole Alliance and Master Team debate. I just chose not to be involved and just thought I would mention both Teams as not to upset anyone. Though I now wonder what's going on, I consider myself Alliance Team yet my certificate for my Blue Belt from Jacare has both the Alliance and Master Team Logo's on it. Either way for me and many others were all just happy to be training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and learning from great instructors like yourself, Jeff, Rowan, Dragan, and Rick.

Give me a shout or i'll call one day and maybe I'll come by with Potugeuese2002 (Jeff D.) and train in one of your afternoon classes again. Next time in your in town drop by, I know its not the summer and we cant lounge pool side, but when in town drop me a call and come on by.

I'll cook the best meal known to the world. BBQ Chicken Breast, Beans in Molasses, Gatorade, Potatoes, and some Rice.(Our old training meal everyday)

Chat soon,


Master or Alliance to me makes no difference because Romero Jacare & Esfiha rule!!!

btw, forget training, when you're gonna eat all that food Jay, give me a call!!! YUM!!!

Wiley, In 1999 Joslins Martial Arts joined the Alliance team through Jacare!

So we are Alliance! We havent paid any dues to the Master Team. However we, are neutral in a sense that instructors from the Master Team are welcome to teach at our academy! We still bare both logos (Master & Alliance) as Master Jiu-jitsu was the name of Jacares team before he formed the Alliance!

To my knowledge, Jacares academy in Atlanta, is the ONLY academy with permission to use both names! Myself, Jeff, Rowan, Mike Luton, Andy Kwan, Brad Arbic, Gerry Champagnie, and Dave Mark were the only ones given ranks under Jacare himself! SO I guess we can say we are Team Jacare as well!
It's pretty confusing!

ok, Jay its very bad situation, but unfortunately the only person who can actually consider himself alliance and master is Jacare himself!! So as far as I know your club is Alliance. To be Master you need to pay dues!! If you are interested in being with the Master team then you can contact me!!!

Rick, thanks for trying to explaining the situation, but there is a lot more involvement then wearing a T shirt!!!!
Honestly I wish there would only be one team! But it doesn't work this way anymore. For example myselt today I'm Master, and Traven who taught me the most in Jiujitsu, is Alliance!!! If anyone thinks I like this situation it is not true!!! I agree it is very confusing, but for me it bothers me for personal reasons more then you guys!!!

I have trained with these guys for over 10 years and now I could be fighting against them because they are Alliannce and I'm Master!!!
I hope you guys understand the situation and you need to pick one flag and stay with it!!

Thanks Esfiha!!

Rick you forgot Adam and Dean

Adam and Dean too!

ok, now I'm confused

So now I can't train with Esfiha because he is Niagara BJJ/Master and I am Joslins/Alliance even though I have trained with both Jacare twice & Leo Vieira (who a Master Team member) for a week and they had no problem???

I don't understand

Let me get this straight, 'cause sometimes I'm a little slow.

If you train with one bunch of guys you can't train with another bunch of guys? Even if you're all friends?