Thanks Eddie Sanchez Phoeniz,AZ

on Sunday night, January 14th, i had the honor and pleasure of training with Eddie Sanchez at his Academy, Genesis Jiu-Jitsu in Phoenix, AZ

I sought out Eddie after finding out (through one of his students) that Eddie is proficient in the Rubber Guard...  Eddie's background:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Rigan Machado and Ricco Rodriguez.  he has also trained with Eddie Bravo and is a US National Team BJJ Rep.

Eddie Sanchez called me and, knowing i was leaving town the next day, invited me to train with him and one of his students that Sunday night.  i got to take part in an instructional session that covered hitting the Twister (he and his student had this lesson planned for the night ahead of time) from Closed Guard (hip-bump sweep set-up) and Butterfly Guard(non-traditional arm drag set-up).  we also covered Twister side control and went into combos:  calf lock (i learned how to defend the arm bar attack properly when doing the calf lock), banana split, and of course the Twister.  we also covered the omo plata from Twister side control, and went over a cool omo plata partner drill. 

now, i've seen Bravo's videos, both the Twsiter and the ADCC.  nothing beats live instruction, and Eddie Sanchez's instruction and attention to detail are EXCELLENT.  i would Highly recommend training and taking a private with him if you're in the area.

when i visit in April, i hope to do some Rubber Guard training

TTT For Eddie!