Thanks Everyone

 Thanks everyone. I thought it was a good fight. Props to Jeremy Stephens who split my melon open.... I have 7 extra stitches for the flight home. 

I wanted to put up daily video blogs but the internet sucked at the hotel. We taped them but couldn't get them online. I will release them all over the next week or so. 

Thanks again.  

nice fight!!!!

no.... thank you.

Congrats man. Helluva job.

 Good job.

Excellent fight congrats.Great performance.

Great job Joe!

 Awesome fight Joe congrats on the win!

Good fight... and nice fireman carry...

Big props for finishing a tough opponent.

When will we see you next,Joe?

Amazing Fight! You should have called out Hermes in the post fight interview man!

Great performance against a tough guy.

Heal up well, Joe! Thanks for always posting here.


Very Awesome fight Joe, Thank You !

 Joe , Way improved and best Creepy performance eva

 Nice fireman's carry!

Man I give you some shit on here but that was a sick fight. You looked awesome

awesome fight joe, great to see live

great fight, Joe


 nice fight Joe