Thanks For a Great Seminar Royce

Thanks for coming to Norfolk UK again Royce. Was an exellent seminar, many people are saying what a great evening it was.

Thanks for throwing in a couple of Oma Plata techniques too!!!!

See you in JULY


Steve, are you the blue belt that was on BBC not too long ago?

That was me, just before we went over to the BJJ Euro's!!!

Cool, I may be going to Cambridge University for a month in the summer. How far is Norfolk from there? I think you guys are the closest BJJ school. Am I right?

We are about 1 and a 1/2 hours from Cambridge.

You also have Gracie Barra Essex, which is about 1 and 1/2 hours from there, but in the other direction.

I could be wrong, but think I heard that someone was doing BJJ in Cambridge. Ill have a look for you.


Update| Just checked and there is a place called Cambridge Free Fight. Give this guy a mail

You are, of course, welcome to come down to us if you don't mind the journey..

Cool, thanks Steve. ttt for Royce Gracie.