Thanks For All Your Support

i wanted to thank everyone here for their support. this is where it all started and i wouldn't have made it without you.

Good Luck Cannon

good luck

I support you!

Gannon rules!

Good luck Gannon. Any word on shen you will be making your UFC debut. My guess would be April or June? Any word on a possible opponent?

Kick ass brother, you have some great big balls my friend.

Good luck, Gannon. I'm no fan of you, but I will follow your fights. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Good Luck!!!!

Best of luck to GannonTheCannon!!  I am a fan. 

Gary Hughes

awesome display of heart Gannon.. great fight

Best of luck to you Gannon.

You will always be a living legend around here.

Good Luck. Congratulations!

Good Luck!

sean will always be a hero on the ug

Good luck bro. And don't forget to block punches with you hands, not your face. I mean that in a positive way. You are an incredibly tough SOB. I just hate the way you absorbed so much punishment against Kimbo, even though you obviously won.

He wouldn't be able to beat Sims, what a joke that he's in the ufc.

Good luck! :)

Good luck!

Looking forward to seeing you compete.

Best of luck and much success in your career.