Thanks for the support

Thanks UG...really need to keep my hands up when striking with an opponent started to dothe chicken dance lol Phone Post

 Kick some ass seabass  well done Jimi

Great Fight Jimi, Jim Wallhead was also great tonight


Grats Jimi

War jimi, lovely spinning back fist n head kick! Phone Post

well done big man Phone Post

Beautiful finish jimi, beautiful finish man. Can't wait to watch you develop into a wrecking machine. All the best for the future.

Great fight vs a tough dude Phone Post


Great fight mate looking forward to seeing big things from you Phone Post

Well done Jimi, was great to see you win again. It's also refreshing that you can admit that you got caught, most fighters would try and claim that they weren't hurt. Shows what a true warrior you are that you fought through it. Phone Post

Great work mate Phone Post

Good work! Spin backfist - headkick... Ouch! Phone Post

congrats jimi

When you likely to sign a deal with UFC. I know you turned down an offer from them before. Do you want to get more experience in Europe? Phone Post

Good stuff ol' bean.

Hey jimi is the fight on YouTube or something. I didn't eT a chance to watch it. Phone Post

Great fight Jimi, another one for the HL reel :)

Thanks ppl Phone Post

Great performance Jimi, the finish wasn't bad either. Phone Post