Thanks for the support

Thanks again for the support guys. And Dreams do come true!!! Paul


Congrats on your win Paul!!!You deserved to be in the UFC before that show even!

Awesome fight.

congrats and good luck in the future.

Job well done! Best of luck in the future.

Great performance Paul, you really stepped up in a big way, congrats!!!

I'm glad you made it to the big show. Fantastic fight.

I have been supporting you for a long time at KOTC, Mexico.

You have a fan for life and I am glad you did not quit the sport. You have hand speed like no big man I have ever seen!

Krazy Mike

Great fight Paul!!

I saw you fight a few times before and never have I seen you perform as great as you did last weekend. Great job!

Paul. Its Apple here, the voice of King of the Cage. I just wanted to say thanks again for taking me to your doctor a while back. And, thanks for wining your UFC fight, I had $200 on you.!!!!

Awesome performance on your debut Paul! Wayyy over due. Hope to see you in the cage SOON..

..any ideas on who your next opponnent is gonna be? How do you feel about fighting Gannon?

I thought you would lose but hoped you would win, but then again, I though you would lose to Roger Neff, Mike Kyle and a few other you won. I REALLY enjoy your fights a lot. Great to see a successfull striker!

Viva la Raza!

great Fight Paul!!!!,,,and thanks for making me win 250,,,,hope to see you soon fighting for me at mexico!!! VIVA LA RAZA CARNALLL!!! Master Vic-D

Yo Paul- instant bandwagon rider here. Although I pulled for you and predicted it the prediction was only based on what I had read here and the experience factor. I was very impressed with your striking and composure. Did that guy even hit you?

Very nice UFC debut.

P.Buentello has fast hands.  Congratulations!

I was telling everyone you would KTFO Eilers, sadly I was the minority on that theory. But gladly you proved me right. Keep it up bro.


Big congrats on a HUGE W.