Thanks for the support

Paul you are the man!!!!!

awesome knockout

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations on a well deserved win. It's great to see you in the UFC finally. You've paid your dues. As a fellow fighter from my hometown, I'm definitely proud of you. You didn't just talk, you did what it took to make it happen.

Congratulations again. Hope to see you in many more UFCs.

Your friend,

Evan Tanner

good win and good luck in ur next fight

Other heavys are just gonna go for the double leg, NO MORE boxing with Paul Buentello!

Don't Fear Me, Fear the Buentello.

congrats on your win!

Don't fear this post, fear the consequences of me making this post...


Congrats on your win Paul.


Congrats to you, enjoyed your performance!! Hope to see you in action again soon. Also liked your attitude in and outside the ring, true class act.

P.S. Said this to both you and Evan on Evan's thread congratulating you, but figured i'd post it here as well.


You the man Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job. Looking forward to seeing you fight some more.

Hi Paul, I didn't have your phone number and really wanted to give you my congratulations! I teared up a little for you bro. I could feel your emotion while watching it on tv.
Anyway, sweet fight! It was great to see you and Mike come out on top. Especially as underdogs.

My email is if you would like to say hello sometime.

Thanks for the help at Glatiators Challenge.

Tom Supnet

Totally Awesome KO!

Unbelievable in fact!

Can't wait to see you again!


fight cabbage next. lets hope he punches this time

Paul is one of the great success stories in MMA. His dedication and commitment to his dream allowed him to persevere when most would have quit.

He is an inspiration to anyone dreaming of stepping inside the Octagon or dreaming of accomplishing any goal in general.

We were lucky enough to speak with Paul around 8pm the night before his fight. He was courteous, respectful and eager to share his thoughts with the fans. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone who read that interview when I say thank you and...

Congratulations on a spectacular, crowd-pleasing win!


Great hands. Eilers mistake was hanging out right at the end of your reach, you made him pay.

TTT [Fans that you guys are] in givein all this support to me and other fighters aswell. Makes all this even sweeter to show case, are skill in the cage.Thanks to all you!

Paul -

It was nice to meet you. You and your wife are two of the nicest, most down to earth people. My man is from Texas too so he was rooting for you all the way!!! Good luck and see you in the next UFC!


Paul Buentello = 100% pimp.