Thanks for UMAN tourney success!!!

I would like to say Thank you for a Great tournament yesterday @ the Rahway Rec Center.  Overall, the UMAN tournament had about 300 competitors.  The Grappling was fierce anc competitive.  Special thanks to Michelle Fontanez for having me as a part of this new organization.  everything ran smooth and quick.  Special thanks to the competitors of the Grappling tournament.  Congratulations to Rob Mudrak who won the Absolute Division and $500.  He slept for only 2 hours, making the trip to the tournament after work.  Honorable mentions go to John Patenza, Vinny  from team Choco down in Virginia who brought good teams to compete.

Most impressive competitors:

Reilly Bodycomb (NY combat Sambo) - Great Leglocks, made it to the Absolute finals

Micheal Schweiger - Was an absolute technician who ran through his division

Derek Mangi - Showed awesome Strength, speed and great wrestling and Jiu jitsu tchnique to take out 300lbs BEAR Anthony Dave.  Also made it to the Semis

of the absolute

Anthony Dave - His strength was absolutely scarey.  awesome folk style wrestler.  If this gets good in submissions, we are all in trouble


Our next event will be June 7th @ the Rahway Rec Center.  I spoke with a few people about using FILA and USA-WRESTLING as the sanctioning organizations and i heard nothing but good responses so i have decided that the next event will be sanctioned by USA WRESTLING / FILA

Thank you all.  It was a great tournament.

For those who missed it, sorry.  Come check out the next one.

Jerry M.

Great event Jerry, thanks for the kind words, see you at the next one for sure!

Derek Mangi


Derek, you were awesome yesterday.  I'm going to have to schedule a superbout between you and Rob Mudrak for an ACOM-SPORTS East Coast Grappling Title.  Apologies about the miscommunication. However,  you did amazing and Impressed me the most. 

Jerry M.

PS.  The Next event will be Sanctioned by USA WRESTLING / FILA.  Should be awesome.  The next one will be @ the Rahway Rec Center on June 7th.

$35 pre-registration

$50 @ the day of the event. 

After that, Acom-Sports will be in NYC with the NYC OPEN GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Also sanctioned by USA WRESTLING / FILA.  Date to be decided

Guys to go ACOMSPORTS.WORDPRESS.COM for the schedule of upcoming events.  We host Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu events and More...

Thanks Jerry, I will be at all of your events if possible, yesterday was a lot of fun