Thanks Frank

FOR GETTING ME PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great fight. Stepped up and backed it up right out the gate!!!!
I said this fight was the MMA DelaHoya/Vargas and backed it up with cash. Being right is feeling pretty good today!!

PS. Oh yeah, thanks Bodog for the even odds on Frank and to the dipshit who helped seal Phil's fate and secure my bet with the classic "I'm 100% sure Phill will win" thread yesterday. SUCKKKAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I put a $100 on Shamrock with Bodog.Shamrock was somewhere around + 120 or more when I bet.

Good for you bro. It was still a great bet at 120...OBVIOUSLY

I got him at +105 and was delighted to see him as an underdog...weird.