Thanks from Team Tompkins.....

Special thanks to everyone that assisted in making this weekend so great and successful.

Thanks to Yannick and the Team Domination members, We like to think Sam made those shorts look great.

JHR thanks for a great party on the way home from Quebec City. The food was awesome the beer was great, now all we have to do is work on those judges in the Newton fight. Thanks again to you and Erin for a great time the Team had.

Crazyhook and Dougie thanks for the big props and continued support for our Team on the UG.

And finally thanks Stephane for once again giving us a shot on such a great show. This TKO showed us how much this organization continues to grow and improve. Great fans, great fighters and awesome production.

Thanks everyone who supports us,

Shawn Tompkins


Thanks Shawn, Erin and I had a great time, glad you guys did as well !

You guys are welcome ANYTIME you're down this way. :)

BTW, someone left a cellphone here. I can send it fed ex tomorrow or just bring it with me on Sunday, just let me know :)

Please tell Sam that I would have kept the bet on him but at the time I only had one t-shirt and no one wanted to bet against me on Stout until after I had switched to the Wagnney bet. But I knew he'd do it.

How come i was not invited for the beer??

So far everybody who fought with the white shorts won (St-Pierre at UFC, Stephane Vigneault at TKO 15, Sam Stout, and of course myself) i have to order more of those white shorts :)

Congrats everybody, Sam was great, Sonny looked good and Bryan will redeem himself next time i'm pretty sure.

Team Tompkins rocks!!

(where's my war shirt?? :) )

Yan, anytime you are down my way you are more than welcome to drink beer with me :)

*As long as you are not wearing any Habs clothes... ;)

The couched one has spoken!

**ringing mystical bell**