Thanks guys, and bye

This is my last post on I'm nobody famous and I only know a few of you in the real world, but like many of you I've spent a lot of time here for years. I've seen a lot of humourous things here and unfortunately have also seen a lot of personal tragedies unfold here as well. And of course lots of great fight vids and interaction with pro fighters.

... But, at this point I can no longer justify to myself the hours I spend on here, and it's time to move on. I just wanted to say thanks for the memories.

Mike McKinney

You'll be back...This place is like crack...

You just need a holiday...


No one can justify the hours spent here... Yet we continue onward in the face of adversity.

At least you shall have something to look fondly back on, as a quitter... Godspeed my friend.

Don't leave me, you were my rock!

YOu only have around 1500 posts in over 5 1/2 years, thats less than 300 posts a yr, with 365 days a year thats less than 1 a day.

Call EVELYN WOODS for that speedreading and writing course , dont just quit............if you were one of those 20,000 plus posts guys maybe, but........

OK, but we know you'll peek in every now and then for the VIDS.

you'll be back...they always do come back...

You'll be back....YOU'LL BE BACK...!!!!

bursts into tears

c-ya in 2007!

this was a test to see if the ug still luvs me=yes


I hope to god that you are not serious.This forum is a great source for information,among other things.I hope that you re-think your decision.

Your friend

Mike Crane

Maybe the readers of this thread can help me.
I am trying to list these occurrences in the order of most pathetic to least.

-Spending time chatting on an internet chatboard

-Deciding never to chat again on an internet chatboard because you have in the past spent to much time chatting on said internet chatboard

-Making a thread about how you are never to chat again on an internet chatboard because you have in the past spent to much time chatting on said internet chatboard

WTF Attention Whore much??

Mike this really isn't meant to be mean and I actually hope(and bet) you'll stay but I mean fuchrissake bro

why not just spend less time here?

Wash your labia.

To quote the Eagles:

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

i guess i could take that blue name from ya if you're all done with it....
just sayin....

sammy you,

You probably should. 1000 posts in 60 days? STFU.. KKM

lol at this pathetic shit

I don't think he is an attention whore for the simple fact that I have trained with him in the past and even watched him do a toughman match but this is the only place I know to contact him. So now, if for some reason I needed to get in touch with him for a sparring partner for a future fight or something at least I would know that I can't come here for it. Anyways, I'm sure you will still come here and at least read this, but good luck in your training and hopefully you will spend your time more efficiently now.


Mike is my best friend,and if you need to contact him you can go through me if need be.

"Yeah, I tell myself this same S**t EVERY SINGLE DAY. But I never stop coming here."

Me too, and it's probably only gonna get worse!