Thanks Hitman Fightgear!

I won't go into exhausting details but I had to let eveeryone know that Hitman really took care of me on an order.. There were some problems and some delays due to how busy Dan has been but ultimately he really went above and beyound to make good on our deal. I received a full refund plus 2 hats, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a bunch of stickers... Business must be good cuz they're super busy but Dan is a pro and he cares about his customers.

Good move man! Thanks again

merc1, can you send me an email when you get a chance? thanks.


ttt for dan

I placed an order on April 12th and haven't heard anything back.... I've sent emails, etc....

Order Number: 6996517758

Any info is appreciated....




How do I get shorts with that big ass logo on it?

yeah how do u get those pimpin shorts p.s. make size small in shirts for us midgets thanks bro

Dan I like the ones Babalu has worn lately.How do I get those kind?They are awesome and I would like a girl with my order as well lol

Got my order today plus tons of extra stickers and a free hat! I guess the girl is on back order LOL!

Thanks man!


The hit man is a genious!