Thanks- IFC

Just wanted to publicly thank Paul Smith and the IFC for the opportunity to fight on Saturday. Paul has always treated me really well when I have fought for him, and I am apreciative of the resect he gives to fighters.

I also wanted to Thank Randy Spence for working my corner for that fight on such short notice. Randy has been nothing but cool to me since the first time we met a year ago in Boise. Thanks again Randy.

Thanks to Brian Sleeman for stepping in and fighting on such short notice. Sometimes in this sport we have to do that every now and again- Brian is a warrior. Best of luck in your upcoming fights.

Alot of people want to hold IFC accountable for alot of things that go wrong. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and people get taken adavantage of in certain situations. I have fought for many different promoters, Monte Cox is a great guy and promoter, So is Paul Smith and the IFC crew. I look forward to the next opportunity to fight for them again.

I am a die hard fan like the next guy, and IFC will put on great cards in the future. Look forward to seeing those future shows.

TTT- for the IFC