Thanks is all

Just a quick note to say that I've read Mr. Blauer's articles and have always found them interesting and thought provoking. But never seen the applications other than my own interpretations. But I've just recently recieved a couple of his tapes and I must say it was really an educational experience. I just wanted to say thanks, both to my friend who purchased the tapes for me, to Mr. Blauer, and to the people on this forum for some pretty big "light bulb" moments. It funny how those moments ,even just one, can change the whole way you look at how you grapple, clinch, or even approach decisons that are outside of a physically violent arena. Anyways sorry for rambling. Once again thanks to all. Take care.

:-) You arent rampbling here, I thank you for taking the time to
share your thoughts and thanks,its always appreciated.