Thanks Jeff Monson

Well I'm going to college in my home state of Wyoming and I saw a poster for an MMA seminar. Come to find out that Jeff Monson is coming to Laramie, Wy to do the seminar. I'm from a huge town of 2,000 people in northern Wyoming...sense the this is a really cool opportunity for me. I've never been to a seminar, nor had any bjj training, just wrestling and messing around with friends who watch MMA, so my friend and I called and talked directly to Monson and he really helped out. Point is, just want to say how cool it is that there are people who would set this up.

Jeff Monson is a very kind person. He gets heat from fans for his political beliefs but the guy is totally down-to-Earth. I have met him and he is great. He has a good sense of humor as well. Not to mention that his "Kimbo Call Out" video on made me laugh quite a lot.


Monson is a good man, while I don't see eye to eye with him on his political theories, the basis of his ideas are people should help eachother and I think he has a good heart.

Just got done with his seminar. Gotta say that it was totally awesome. I feel like I could go pro...haha more sarcasm. Monson's a great dude.

Where does Jeff live anyway? He was just up in Minne for a charity seminar a few weeks ago too.