Thanks John Frankl

I posted a little about the seminar in the BJJ section, but I wanted to thank you on behalf of all of us for a great seminar...we couldn't stop talking about it after you left! I plan to come up to train with you on a regular basis while I am here in Korea! Your students were excellent too!

Thank you.

It is always great to meet and train with people. It almost always eliminates all the misunderstandings that can take place via computer.

I'll be down again, and all of you are always welcome in Seoul.


I am glad tha I changed my travel ticket. I enjoy the seminar John. I will work with my training partners Monday and Wed in Humphreys, OSAN Tuesday and Thursday and bother you in the weekends. I have a lot of goals in Martial Arts. Even one day SBGI may be in PR, LOL thanks again

John is a great Coach, and needs to come back to the USA more!

Frankl is THE MAN!