thanks Lahi

got the book today, will read it soon, and then pass it on. Glad you liked revolution, it really inspired me to go further as well. I am planning on spending a week with Simple Way in Philly in September next year.



Cool, glad to hear you got it Rev, be curious what you think.

The only thing I tell people is that if you actually write out what he gives you in ch. 4, you'll get a lot more out of it, even though it takes some time...

I've been thinking about trying to spend a week or so at Simple Way too, that would be awesome.

Rev, do you still fight?

No, retired. Can't take the training anymore.


Rev - ever think about putting some of your sermons on YouTube or someplace like that? Found some talks by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborn over there, just got to thinking...

Never really thought about it, would rather sell them for big dollars :)

I have a couple of sessions that I did with FORGE that are available on dvd, who knows maybe I can put one up.