Thanks Matt Thornton/Rich Beaupit

Thanks to Matt Thornton for the excellent seminar this past
weekend in St. Catherines! It was a pleasure meeting you Matt.
Rebecca and I not only walked away with skills to practice but it
was great to experience first hand your coaching method. We
really enjoyed it.

Thanks also to Rich Beaupit for hosting the seminar. Although
Rich and I had never met before, he invited us into his home to
watch the UFC and took care of us as if we had been friends for a
long time. I really appreciate the hospitality.


PS: I posted a couple of small pics on our website:

PPS: Although I know Matt doesn't really like titles, he trained hard
and earned the rank of "commisioner" while in Niagara Falls.

It was the greatest experience I have ever had at a seminar. I feel my game has improved by leaps and bounds in only a matter of 2 days!!! As an example, I am terrible at Triangle chokes and after being coached by Matt and Steve, I was feeling like Minotauro and slapping on the triangle on everyone!!! Crazymonky was the bomb!!! and above that, the way Matt & Steve conduct themselves without ego in both training and in "real" life is truly inspiring. For example, the conversation Matt had with a traditional Tai-Chi guy while we were eating at Kelsey's was one the greatest things I ever witnessed (Matt will know what I'm talking about). It was great for the way Matt came across in the conversation, completely without ego and without belittling the man. I was like "Wow". I was also fortunite enough to hang out with Matt and Steve (and Rich) after last nights seminar and they are the coolest guys to hang out, have a beer and shoot the breeze with. Hats off the Rich Beaupit for hosting it and I had alot of respect for Matt Thornton before the seminar but even now more since I got to train, hang with him and get to know him more personally. He is not just a great fighter & coach but a great human being. What I learned from him in 2 days was not just physical in a fighting/training way but also in matters of all aspects of my life. SBG all the way!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words.. Im sure Matt will be happy to hear you enjoyed yourself..hope I get to come along next time..its sounds like a very beautiful place..t


Thanks much to everyone who was there. I had a great time, and it was a real pleasure to meet everyone.

Thanks for all your help Mike, it was great meeting you and Rebecca, and I will look forward to seeing you again next time.

Jeff, your destined for much success. It was very cool meeting you, and I am happy you where able to put into application the material so quickly that day. You can do that with everything you put your mind towards. It's really enjoyable as a Coach to be able to see athletes use the material, and grow performance wise right in front of you. That's a real privilege for me.

Also, thanks to Phil, it was nice to meet you in person finally. And thanks also for your help this last weekend.

As usual the group in Canada was made up of really sincere, talented, and nice people. The best part of my job is the fact that I get to meet, and be around good people like this crew almost every time I travel.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Rich. His hospitality was outstanding, and he has the perfect attitude when it comes to training, coaching, and motive. I am happy to announce that Rich will be part of the SBGi, and will be continuing to bring the SBGi training programs into Canada. We will get a more formal announcement up when we get all the contact info in to Fernando. But I would just like to say that Rich is exactly the type of person we are proud to be associated with, and after meeting everyone in that area this last weekend I know the whole East Coast Canada region will be growing leaps and bounds in the next few Years.

Thanks again
-Matt Thornton


Thanks to you and Steve (be sure to tell him again since I know he doesn't read here) for being EXACTLY what you appear to be, no facades. It was a pleasure to sweat with you guys and everyone at the session for that matter. No ego, no BS, no as it should always be.

To Rich my SINCERE thanks for bringing Matt and Steve in and for always striving to bring the best information available to his students. Rich runs the kind of school I'd send my children to. IMHO he will be an excellent addition to Matt's SBGi team.

I look forward to the next seminar.


ttt to Rich Beaupit

When he says he's gonna do something, believe it!!! He doesn't play around!!!

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words.

I must say that the seminar would not have been possible, nor such a great time, without the support of those people that attended. All great guys, no attitudes, and the open mindedness to look at new training ideas.

Mike and Rebecca, it was great to finally meet you. Open minded, hard working, and fun to hang with. Looking forward to future seminars at each others school.

Phil, thanks so much for being there. I know your time is limited. Whenever you are around you bring out the best in those around you. I look to you as an example of what a coach and a fighter should aspire to be.

Thanks to Steve for making the trip. Working with you helped my game improve tons in just those two days.

And thanks to Matt for the training and the conversations. What drew me to the SBG was the integrity of the organization, the willingness of the coaches to share ALL their teaching methods, and the emphasis of the development of each individual student being the first and foremost responsibility.

I am very proud to be a memebr of the SBGI family as an ATG. I want to bring the SBG training methods to my part of Canada. I am looking foward to the opportunity that Matt has given me.

Take care,


Rumor has it that Matt is returning to Canada in March!!!

Can't wait, I'll be there for that!!!

No rumor. Matt will be here on March 6 and 7, 2004. We are really
looking forward to it.