Thanks Rabello!

Rob did an amazing piece on my daughters struggles and eventual triumph at last weekends Special Olympics.  Thanks Dude!!

Watched that segment on the news Phone Post

Just saw this on fb. So awesome! Phone Post 3.0

TJay, much respect to you and great job giving your girl foundation and direction.

Also TTT for forum member / lurker Robello! Phone Post 3.0

i'm gonna have to hound that bastid back onto the hg soon!


Congratulations TJay. Very touching story! When is the next race?

Congratulations TJay and great story. Listen bro, I'm a special education teacher, so if you need ANYTHING (info, feedback, etc.), let me know.

As it was said once in a martial arts timeless classic, "Dae Han, you... are.... my.... brother...." Phone Post 3.0