Thanks Roger Gracie & Rafael !!!!!

Awesome two days of learning. Roger showed the basics in a way that wowed everyone in attendance from black belt to white belt. Awesome details. Rafael came to assist and was amazing also. I found Roger abnd Rafael's understanding and teaching of Jiu-Jitsu very humbling. And am still in awe. I think after working these things for a month I will be twice as good as before.

I rolled with Roger and he was by far the best guy I have ever had the honor of training with.

Unfortunatley I did not manage to get a private lesson from Roger, but he said he really enjoyed his stay in Toronto, and looks forward to coming back soon.

Anyways, thanks guys and have a safe flight home.

  • Josh



These guys are very attentive when walking around the room. They made a point of offering details even when students didn't ask for them. Great to see the BJJ fundamental at work...anyone that says the basic don't work only need to watch Roger in action.

Rafael was a great help as well.

Roger Gracie!!!