Thanks Shaolin!

Your seminar in Winnipeg kicked ass! I'll have the pics ready this afternoon. If anyone would like to get them, just post your e-mail.

Shaolin is a very cool guy. Tons of good techniques to show and advice to learn from. Don't miss out on your chance to train with one of the best!

Same here, thx for the good times my friend!

I have some exclusive pics of Shaolin eating his face @Mcdonalds and getting his ass kicked in Ping POng by me!!hheheh Jhr send me ya email so i can post them here plz. :) if there's more than 1mb of pics send them to

Rod, are you coming up with Fontaine to Montreal this weekend ??


We had a great time, kudos to Shaolin for the seminar
and a real big thanks to Rod and all the guys there.
We'll definitely stay in touch and hopefully be able
to make it out that way again soon. If anyone
appreciates an honest, no nonsense aproach to
training then Rodrigo Munduruca and his crew are well
worth seeking out to train with. Again.....thanks
guys. signed, KEITH, JOE, and
P.S. Hey Rod, Nick can't find his water bottle, you
havent seen it have you??...lolololol

LOCK UP YOUR WOMEN....Rod is coming to town... :)  See you this friday, FINALLY my Couch Fu is going to meet a real BJJ Black belt !! hehe!

Rod has been to Montreal before, and strangely we still have women aplenty :)

JHR- Good luck in the 'Battle of the Ginormous Head'

Who knew Shaolin loved McDonald's so much ?? :)

I think Rodrigo likes it to by the look on his face !


I agree Jeff, Fantastic Seminar.
(Although small man Jiu Jitsu is sometimes hard for the old fat guys.)
Please send me the pics.

Awesome seminar. Great training classes too.

The guys out in Winnipeg have some very talented and exceptionally nice guys out there.

Big thanks to Rod, Jeff, Big Chris, Joe, and Chris Fontaine for making this one of the best training trips I've ever had.

Oh ya, Thanks to Shaolin for running a great seminar. What a cool guy, on and off the mat


Hey Mike!

I sent you those pics! Congrats again on your blue belt!


Congrats to Mike for his well earned Blue Belt!

Did ANYBODY catch my photoshop skills ??  ;)

Here's some more pics of ugly guys...

Thanks guys. Hope to be back in a few months.

Got the pics, thanks Jeff. I'll be shooting ya an email in a couple days.

Take er easy boys


Você é o rapaz de óculos no cantinho à esquerda na primeira foto?

O viado do JHR colocou uma foto antiga minha naquela foto la, eu so aquele mesmo mais aquela foto foi tirada a um to de camisa de submission branca nas outras fotos.

Rodrigo,  devido às potencialidades pobres traduzir do google, este não fará muito sence bem como a maioria de seus bornes...:)  Eu olho para a frente finalmente a encontrar-se com o esta sexta-feira.  Eu trarei com mim a cerveja a mais fina e as senhoras novas horny para friccioná-lo para baixo na manteiga velha.  Nós encontraremos então para fora quem o homem o mais resistente este lado de Portage e de cano principal é...