Thanks 'Shut Up and Fight' gang

Well I just got into Vancouver from Vernon and I would like to personally thank Jason, Leslie, their wives, Chris Brennan and his guys, Bill Mahood, Big PAPA and all the folks that gave us a huge amount of hospitality in Vernon.

Leslie, you are truly a fan and anyone who has the pleasure of meeting you will know that your heart is in MMA and your here for the sport. I would like to tell the forum that I was at the arena and personally saw Leslie deal with each person that came to the venue. Explaining what happened and offered them refunds right there. The amazing thing is that most told Leslie to KEEP THE MONEY. The fans out here are amazing and very loyal to MMA.

I guess this brings me to Jason Darrah

Jason is truly a Canadian Pioneer in this sport. BAck in 97 I saw a young Kid Red grappling at Joe Morriera's tourney in California and look how far he has come. During that same time I ran into two kids from BC kicking ass at Rage in The Cage. Jason Darraha and Gary Armbrust were these two guys, and they have continued to grow the sport out west since. They have done it without very little fanfare and that has to change. The people out here love the sport and are very educated about it and love the fighters. Jason is a fighter that knows the game and any fighter that has been out here can tell you this guy knows this sport inside and out and he is here for the sport, not himself. Don't get me wrong these guys are in business and they want to put on a show for the fans, but they put fighters first. It was nice to see Gary on the mats again at Chris's seminar

Mr. Brennan and his guys put on a great seminar and unfortunatly though, due to the cancellation of the show there was a low turn out. Chris had a lot of moves to show and I can tell you Mahood was almost salivating after learning some tricks from Brennan. I would like to thank Chris for answering my questions about positioning and grips. Cool stuff and I can't wait to get your DVD on the big screen and work on those moves. You and your guys are class acts and were totally professional.


This guy is Unreal, gut splitting, humour and I can't wait to see you work an MMA crowd. That show will rock and or roll..."Do you guys do requests??....Wel you should....

I know I will be leaving people out, but I have to get off this thing and head down town.

I would just like to say to the fans of MMA that these guys took this blow better than I could have ever imagined. When I was driving into Vernon I thought we wouldn't even be able to talk to these guys, yet the whole time they were class acts and treated us like gold. They have a great attitude and already are taking the steps to put on their next show which will be huge.

Oh yeah, when Showdown Joe,Jason and Leslie get together.....LOOK OUT, these guys will not only rock the Canadian MMA scene, the whole world of MMA can only benefit. That will erase Black Friday off the map and Black Friday will be known as a turning point that took Canadian MMA to the tops.

Thanks again to EVERYONE, beautiful time in a beautiful place.

Support the sport

Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil


great post Mike

I would also like to mention how much your guys support helped these guys. Some of the phone calls these guys were getting over the days were very interesting and informative to say the least.

It shows that the fans out there can look beyond the politics and give there support in any way they can. It shows just who is who when it comes to wanting to make this sprot grow for fighters and fans alike. And it shows that I need to get a damn cell phone....

We are heading out soon. So if anyone has tried to get a hold of me (Dan, Danny, Joe, BustaFan, J.T) I'm sorry for being hard to track down and I will call you when I arrive in T.O.

I am leaving knowing that MMA is in great hands out here and although it is at a low point right now the future looks bright for MMA in Canada...

Take care and Thanks once again guys.



Way to go bro, excellent post. I cannot wait to get out West. In time though, in time.

Much to work on though and we're all in this together.