Thanks Stricker 18!!

Thank you Stricker 18, I was unable to see the UFC and you did a great job. You writing of the fights was excellant!

Thanks again,

ttt for the Stricker18!!

TTT! Thanks man!

The best, as always!

Great job Striker, much appreciated.


yeah cheers striker!! you the man!

Whooops! LOL@ myself!!

Thanks again striker18,great pbp as always!

You are all welcome. I didn't quite put as much detail into the fights as normal because my mind is pretty slow right now from all the cough syrup I am on, but I did ok by my normal standards:)

Thanks, Being stuck in BFE wisconsin hotel with no PPV you are a blessing. Great job!!!!


Thanks Sticker 18!


Striker 18, your commentary would be a huge benefit to the MMA mags. If you don't pursue this, then I will do it myself, once I get the time.

stevarino, thanks for the kind words.

TT-MF'ing-T cause Striker18 always comes through for us on the UFCs. Thanks man