Thanks Sydney and Canberra

Thanks to both McGoo's Canberra Lads and SPMA for allowing me to join them on the mat during the Xmas break.

The Canberrans are looking good and it was great to have a roll with a couple of their newer Blue belts (Denis and Ben) - they've got a great venue and a very forgiving team (I was absolutely stuffed while training with them - I blame it on the altitude and beer). Looking forward to doing it all again before too long.

SPMA's dojo is rather snazzy too and it was good to see so many battlers on the mat so soon after Xmas. Having a roll with AP was good fun, as to were some of his students. Elvis as always was a great host. It really makes a difference when visiting a club if the people are friendly etc - it makes a potentially stressful event that much more enjoyable.

Anyway keep up the good work lads and I'll undoubtly see you during the course of 2004.


Jason "Dutch Bass-Rootin' Law" Berman, GGB

Machado Clubs are always the friendliest clubs to visit... :)


ttt for Machado Clubs...

I used to roll in Canberra and I just started rolling again in Seoul, cant wait to go home and roll in Canberra again! :)