Thanks T

If anybody ever had any doubts that in our lifetime there could have been an innovator on the scale of Musashi, Kano, Uyeshiba or Lee; this thread should eliminate them.

We hear how Tony Blauer's research and life's work has exponentially improved the quality of his student's lives not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally as well. All the qualities and benefits the martial arts are supposed to affect.

Blauer's TCMS is truly a Martial Art of the 21st century in every sense of the title.

Coach, thanks for all. You know how much you have helped.

Tony Torres
Va Beach, Va

Those of you who deal with the office on a regular basis.....I want also to give a very heartfelt thank you to Phil (If everyone in customer service had your disposition the world would be a much better place)

And last but certainly not least
Jesse you have so many "hats" so I will just thank you for all the help with everything.


Thank you for the kind words. They mean a great deal!

Coach Blauer created the map, (the Cycle of Behaviour'). I only helped you find where you were. YOU are the one who accepted, got challenged, and followed it.

I look forward to meeting you in July!


I want to thank you for the support over the last year or so. I went through a messy divorce where my child was my main concern. I had to be her "bodyguard" and basically follow all of your principles to get through this with the most important thing my child.I had to act incongrously with my mental state during this time. The nice thing is the more I did the better I felt about everything.

I have thanked you earlier, but I wanted to do it in public. I have made the SPEAR and your teachings my everyday operating procedures. I am glad that I got hooked up with you. I have also go a 2.5 year old that knows the SPEAR. I am ready for calls from the school.


Paul, I agree with you 100%

My wife and I were surprised by our son. He came home from school this week and told us he was quitting school and moving out. I know he is not ready mentally or financially to support himself and more importantly is his education. I did not realalize it until reflecting later that I used Tony's "onion peeling" process to get to the truth and to the bottom line. Because I have more of an understanding of the Cycle of Behavior, FEAR both mental and the physical and how they effect us mentally and physically, as well as how it perpetuates negative thoughts and actions, I know how to use this knowledge to be a motivating powerful tool. I could understand where my teenage son was coming from and why he was thinking the way he was, and that is one of the most valuable tools ANY parent should want to acquire. There are shit loads of details that entwine this situation, too many to get into in a public forum. Bottom line there were so many things I did without concisely thinking that enabled my family and I to sort through everything and come to a resolution.

Being a farther I always look for things to do with my children and family, for many obvious reasons. I ordered Tony's "Be your own Bodyguard" package along with some other things TCMS offers almost 2 years ago. I took a few months watching the videos, listening to the audio tapes, taking notes re-watching, re-listening. Seeing and understanding how simple and empowering the information is I grabbed my son and started scenario drills, and training with only Tony's material. My son has sense motivated some of his friends to train along with us, now he asks me to train and he is eager to learn.
There is so much Tony Blauer and TCMS offers to the public, not just self defense, not only applicable for fighting.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. I have struggled with the symptoms mentally and physically for some time. A week ago I was diagnosed with a liver disease. I was mortified, I have a life a family, a wife, a daughter, a son, a job and to now have a hurdle to overcome, a liver disease what next!! I made a call to TCMS because I was to attend the PDR course and wanted to talk to someone with my concerns and reached Phil. I talked with Phil for about 5 or 10 min. not to long. Before I made the call I felt somewhat overwhelmed with the news of a liver disease. After the conversation with Phil, who I have never met, I no longer felt threatened by the diagnosis, I felt empowered, unbelievable a 10min phone call to a person who knows nothing of me other than a voice over the telephone.

I am not preaching that Tony and his employees, company or material are some kind of miracle workers or that my family and I would never have overcome any of the things I have written about.
I am stating, that as a human being you should be looking for anything that will improve the quality of your life. As a parent I want to do whatever it takes to keep my family safe and growing in a positive direction and teach my children how to unlock there own abilities.
Anything that can help achieve this, is priceless.

Thank You Tony,
Thank You Phil,
Thank You TCMS,


Just thought I would add a quick note... I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with Tony and getting to know him over the course of the last several years. The impact he has had on my life has been immeasurable. Tony, and his company TCMS, which is a reflection of his character and mode of interacting with the world, truly will go to extraordinary lengths to make a difference. While he is one of the few true geniuses of combat to ever walk the planet, Tony is also much more.

I consider it one of my highest honors to know and work with him.

Dr. Eric Cobb

Geez, this has turned into a sobering, powerful

I've just started another PDR program this
weekend and was off on an intense tangent about
'why we teach' and what this program means to

Paul, Im glad youre doing well and that in some
way I was able to help you.

George, I was out of town(as you know) and Im so
glad Phil was able to share some important
insights with you, please stay strong and

Eric, thanks, let me know when youre settled in, I'll
be out in Seattle pretty soon.

To everyone who has taken the time to research
my material, to those of you who have supported
me and my growth, thank you.