Thanks Taku/Fish

A couple of months ago I got back into judo after a long hiatus. When I joined my dojo's comp class, I couldn't make it through the workout without skipping rounds.

After reading everyone on here raving about Taku's Intervals, I decided to try them out. My dojo took a 2 week break for the holidays, so all I did during break was to add the intervals to my weight training. I think i"ve only done them about 5 times total.

Today was my first day back. All I can say is wow...I didn't have to sit out any of my assigned rounds, and at the end we finished with some jumping drills. I felt like I could have kept going another couple of rounds.

Thanks guys. I can't believe it's made such a difference in only a few workouts. I can't wait until I get to the maintenance stage!