Thanks "The Hit Squad" Gym BJJ

I was in Illinois for the week and was able to attend class and train at The Hit Squad.

Great Class and Great Guys.

Thanks Kyle for the great class and clinch techniques.

Thanks Derek for the hospitality and extra time on the mat.

I hope to train with you guys again next time I'm in town.


double post


It was great to have you down to train. Your butterfly game is sick. Looking forward to training with you in the gi next time, with that new purple on! Have a safe trip home


ttt for Kyle, Derek and Hit Squad

throw a website up. jesus christ.

Kyle and Derek is good people

Hey Mike,

No problem. I hope you get the opportunity to come are always welcome here. My email is on the website, so feel free to drop me a line when you plan on coming in again.


Kyle Watson is the man! Keep up the good work my friend.

-Tim Sledd

Thanks for the kind words guys.


i will take full credit for any buzz stirred as i am the "Throw a website up. Jesus Christ" guy.

Empire....thanks buddy. you da man.


Without you kyle and i wouldnt of gotten as much praise. We owe you