Thanks to All

Thanks to everyone who provided me with a mat to roll on and training partners to humiliate me on my recent vacation.

It's rare for those of us who live at the arse end of nowhere to find more than a few guys to train with. Our club is great, but it's important to train with others to see where you're at and what you need to work on.

I had much opportunity to do that and was welcomed at Jamie Ballard's Gracie Barra club in Newcastle (where I also managed to train with the phenomenal Guga)
and by Cameron, et al at Dominance in Melbourne.

Special thanks go to Angela and Luke at Beston Gracie in Cameron Park (not Edgeworth) where I trained Lord knows how many times. There, I also had the privelege of time with Jason Izaguire.

Despite being a little sore from biting off more than I could chew, at times, I am very happy knowing my vacation time was well spent at these fine establishments.

Thanks again.

Thanks Chris always great to have good visitors.

But don't call it Cameron Park, call it "The CP", or just "CP" - just like Orange County / "OC" :-)

Have a safe trip home.