thanks to cordeiro

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Chris Cordeiro for hooking me up with a fight in Japan. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. And if anyone has any tips for a first timer in Japan, they would be much appreciated. The show is Demolition on March 12th. I am fighting Monma at 168 pounds.

Good luck man!

James Foster

Ask where to find the naked exciting. The rest writes itself. Have fun. Japan is a blast and they take excellent care you there.

Good luck, Chatt!!!


Chris is the man!

Only tip I have is don't drink the water...oh wait, that's Mexico. Good luck and train hard.

good luck chatt

James Thorpe

Get alot of sleep the jet lag will kick your ass. Dont go out and party- stay professional and they might invite you back, Americans at times go to JAPAN and loose there mind...break shit at the hotels act like a fool ect. Just be professional at all times!

Best of Luck and fight hard!
Shannon "The Cannon"

thanks guys, I plan on training like a mad man and represent for the USA

I stay up the nite before all nite, then get on the plane and sleep. Ehen you get there, it will be the afternoon.

good luck!!!

good luck

Good Luck


ttt - Good luck!!!

Chatt - can you shoot me an email at Thanks in advance.

Chatt, Thanks for the thanks. Hey I got you another fight in Canada, April 2nd on Canadain Pay Per View. Check your email I just sent you the contract.

Fighing Johnathan Goulett

TTT for Chris Cordeiro

Hey Chris - don't forget i'll be ready in April!!!!!

keep me in mind @ 170

Be careful Chatt, don't let me talk you into bringing aone of his "packages" to a friend over there. If you get caught its your ass not his.

TTT for mysterious packages !