Thanks to DFC promoter open thread

I appologize to all black-namers that I unintentionally created a limited thread.


I will cutt and paste from the original (fightsport style).

I wrote:

This Saturday (September 25th) I fought at Dakota Fighting Championships in Fargo ND. To briefly describe the show it was a great card with 15 fights, there was no really big names, but a lot of really good fights. As always the matchmaker, Bruce Nelson, did a great job with the matchmaking. This is what makes these cards so great, Bruce Nelson always matches very evenly so you get a lot of fights that can go either way, and that usually results in fights that go back and forth instead of a one sided beating. I have no idea where Bruce gets his supernatural matchmaking ability from.


Here is what happened that I think should get them a “best service by promoter award”, I brought a friend to videotape my fight for me, always like to be able to see my fight short time after it happened, I feel that is a great way to learn from my fights. But this tame we did something wrong with the camera, so we did not get it on tape. I asked the promoter, Chris Nelson, if I could get a copy of their tape. And what happened was that Chris got up early the next morning and made me a copy of the entire event, and then he drove back to the hotel and gave me the copy before I left Fargo.


I would like to thank Chris Nelson for this, and everyone else involved that made the event possible.


Please help me keep this on top so that credit is given to a promotion that does a great job.

Fred wrote

From: damaebushi
Date: 09/27/04 05:28 PM
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The first DFC was very good. This DFC was absolutely outstanding. I have been to and been a part of many shows here in the Upper Midwest and this last DFC is one of the two best shows I have been a part of or seen in person. I am not trying to downplay anyone else's shows at all. On the contrary. There are many, many good shows up here, not the least of which are the EC's that Monte has brought here, the XKKs, the ICCs, the AFAs, the CFXs, etc. All are well run and very appreciated by myself and other fans up here.

The DFC on Sat. the 25th was great in every respect from as far as I could tell. The venue is very good with great visibiity for all, the staff are excellent, the fighters are treated great, the fans are treated great, and most of all the fighters fought so well it was amazing, especially considering it was an amateur show so none of them got paid a dime. I saw so many great fights I could not pick the fight of the night. I hate to even begin to single out individual fighters for their performances for fear of leaving someone deserving out, and there were so many. The skill level, heart, guts, and stamina were at the highest level in all but a very few cases.

My deepest respect to Chris, Bruce, and everyone involved in putting this together.

Since this is Gjermund's thread, I guess it would be okay for me to mention that I was 100% impressed with him in his fight with Serge. I was also very, impressed with Serge. I saw Gjermund fight full out for the entire 3x5 min. rounds and work well and with more aggression on his feet than I have ever seen him do before. His ground work was even better, also, and I thought it was already good. He used more aggression, there, too.

I was proud to be a part of the show and hope to be asked back to the next one.



Me again:

From: Norwegian Assassin
Date: 09/27/04 05:50 PM
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Thanks Fred, I have never fought as good as I did this time.

And yes there are a lot of great Mid-West shows, I meet you at EC Medina, that was also a great show.

I just really want to give credit to Chris Nelson for getting up early in the moring (after the late night) to make a copy of the tape for a fighter. And not only that come back and give it to me before I left Fargo.


From: damaebushi
Date: 09/27/04 06:22 PM
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It was a pleasure watching your fight and I was happy for you to get the win, Gjermund.

Yes, EC in Medina was an excellent show, too, and I know everyone is grateful to Monte, Dave, and all the other fighters and staff that bring these shows to our area.

Best wishes to you on your return to Norway and I hope to see you back in the States sometime.




Thanks again. I really hope to return some time, especially now that the Mid-West shows are getting better and better. I will for sure miss the Mid-West MMA community and also the part of the Canadian MMA community that always is very well represented here.

From: tigger
Date: 09/27/04 07:39 PM
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cool ttt

Sorry mudnameres, I just forgot to change the setting. A freind of mine called and complained.


ttt for my friend Lee to see.

Lee, you there?

Yep. Sorry buddy, just got back from training. Bruce and Chris were both real good dudes. I was caught by surprise a little bit when they asked me to fight, but I really appreciate the oppurtunity. With the show in Brainerd and then this show, this has been one of the best months I've had in a while. Fred: It was great to see you in Fargo. Look forward to seeing you around in future events. Thanks for the thread Gjermund.

Lee can you e-mail me your address?