Thanks to Ft Bragg Boxing

Just wanted to give a big shout out to the Ft Bragg Boxing Club and Clarence Flemings and his trainer Leo. Just got back from visiting my new grandson, daughter & her husband who is stationed there.

They let me work out and they even had some fights on Saturday night, perfect vacation for an old guy like me. Anyone interested in training with them you can contact him at; (910) 396-1218 & (910)396-6611 or stop by the gym.

I wish I could have had a workout with Team Roc though, I managed to find the place, but no one was there and they wouldn't return any of my calls. Maybe next time.

Dave Rogers

Thai Boxing Association, Normal Illinois.


Sorry you didn't get hooked up with the Roc guys.

Next time,



Thanks man, the way my wife is talking, I'm sure that we'll be going back some time soon. Good luck at Ft. Benning.

Dave Rogers