Thanks To Henry Jung

Just got back from an extended traing session with his students in Seoul (Henry wasn't coaching because one of his fighters was fighting). After training his students took me for lunch and then we went up to see the fights which were of *varying* quality. Afterward Henry took us all for dinner and if his coaching is anything like his abilities as a party leader then my game will improve greatly under him.....

How is/are training with his guys out in Korea? what is the belt proportion like? What belt is Henry Jung?



Errrm, I've only been once and not everyone was training but I think it'd be fair to say that the level isn't that high, like I tapped everyone in the class bar one pro fighter who outweighed me by 20Kg, we got into stalemates a lot with him on top and me not being able to shift him (and I'm a pretty mediocre white belt who's done nothing for 3 weeks). On the other hand they all seemed like top blokes and Henry is definitely a class guy apparently he is only a blue belt but then again his work has led to him moving around a lot so we shall see when I get a chance to roll with him. My work means I can only roll once/twice a week anyway so I'm happy with a pretty casual club. The MMA fights I went to see were farcical though (magine UFC1 if Hoyce had been a white belt, and a 30seconds on the floor rule, with a corner break after each standup.......) the production values were insane though with the shows actually being on cable TV and at £12 a ticket I can't complain