Thanks to KAEWSAMRIT Gym!

My friend and I just finished a month long training trip at Kaewsamrit.

First off I wanted to say thanks to Rob Cox for helping us get out there smoothly, and a big thanks to all the trainers that worked with us day in and day out. It was awesome to be able to work side by side with guys like Anuwat (thank him for the lumps in the boxing sparring!), Wachichai (sp?), Yore, Jack and all the top notch fighters they have coming out of the camp.

I really must emphasize, however, the quality of the trainers and padmen at Keawsamrit! Each seems to have their own specialty. They all accepted me in knowing I'm a mixed fighter and offered some creative solutions. I really admired their emphasis on timing and I got to see what true pad holding is about. It's definitely more than just letting someone hit the pads. A good padman can limit the need for excessive sparring while still building some great timing and vision in fighters. The pad rounds were 5 minutes and we would do about 5-6 of them, and then heavy bag work so I was happy to not get too much rest for fear of detraining.

I highly, highly recommend anyone to train at Kaewsamrit whether you are visiting Bangkok or to make a special trip out there, it is definitely worth it. Food was great, big thanks to the Mrs. for making it a home away from home... we greatly appreciate it all.


Chad Hamzeh

ya it was great... i got to spar Anuwat for his boxing sparring, 20 oz gloves which was cool in hindsight cuz yes, the man can hit, his timing is pretty sick too!

He worked with me for a couple hours too just on punching technique and such, all cool cats there for sure.

I watched Anuwat in an amateur boxing match, cuz he wants to move to pro boxing... with headgear and big gloves he KO'd the guy in 20 seconds, 3 rights, 1 left, then 4 rights. It was awesome, I'll try to get a vid of it.


How did that boxing tournament go? I heard that he won the next fight on points, what happened after that? Did he get a medal or something?

i keep hearing nothing but great stuff about kaewsmrit gym. how much is it for a month ? i remember it being a little pricy.

I heard Anuwat won the final on points, I'm not too sure though.

Thaiboxingiz, it worked out to be about 800 baht a day which is about $25canadian per day. I spent about $650 for close to a month of accomodations, training, and the 2 meals a day they give you. There was a real good restaurant close by that was dirt cheap as well.