Thanks to LaClair


Thanks for driving down to NH to teach a fun and informative class. Your teaching style is very clear and effective. The crew seems to have accelerated their learning curve as a result. I was inspired to go buy a Roy Harris DVD afterwards.

Take care and hope to train with you sometime soon.

-James & GSBJJ crew

Very cool! ttt for Adam

- Kyle

Thanks guys.

And thank you James for having me down.  I enjoyed teaching the session, and look forward to working with your guys again.  Just let me know when you'd like to have me back!

Adam LaClair

ttt for Adam! awesome!

Hey Kyle,

What a small world! Do you remember me from Dallas? We trained Hung Gar back in the day. You have gone on to really excell in BJJ - way to go bro!



ttt for the old days of Kyle & James

Hi James, wow, that is a small world indeed! Thanks man, I was doing both for about a year until I decided, for me anyway, where I thought my time was better spent. Ol' Phillip also made it easy, frankly.

- Kyle

I hear you - the lion dance was good for cardio, but didn't do much for self-defense.:)

You and Adam please let me know next time you are in VT.

Take care,


I may have Kyle out for a seminar next fall, I will keep you appraised.


Hey James - mind if a bring a couple of my guys down for one of your open mat sessions in a couple of weeks?

- Adam


That would be great! The 9th is cancelled, but the following 2 Sundays all look good.