Thanks to "Let's Roll..."

Thanks for the place to roll this weekend and congrats to all the competitors, see you all soon.

Best wishes to the injured at play as well...


How about some results from the competition.


great job on the tournament. looked like a great success and thnx to everyone that came out to support the fighters.

We had 5 competitors in there that day, including myself. All of them were newbies Except for me and Alex Siedule who competed in Red Deer a month ago. Started off really well, Alex won his first two fights, ending up in the finals, Doug Spence in the same weight category won his first fight as well and was dominating his second match (not too sure what the score was but probably 15-0) and was on his way to a win, mounted with a sidearm choke, when all of a sudden his knee cap dislocated to the side, locking up his leg, making it impossible for him to continue. In the end, Alex faced Doug's opponent in the final, beating him with an arm bar if memory serves me right.

Next was Ryan Mills, in the gi match. He lost by points, but displayed good technique and style against an obviously larger and more experienced opponent.

The next match is when disaster struck for our club. Jesse, in his first time in competition, got his arm broken between the elbow and shoulder by a 1/2 guard Kimura. It happened quick, Jesse told me later he wasn't feeling in danger but by the time he started feeling the pain and was about to tap his arm snapped.

I rushed him to the hospital, my teammates opted to come along rather than stay. That was it for our club that day, I didn't get to fight, Ryan didn't get to compete in the tournament, Doug is out for a while with his knee injury and Jesse is out with a broken arm.

Jesse is doing good and talks of coming back as soon as possible. He's a fighter and has a great attitude. At the hospital he was more concerned about the fact that I didn't get a chance to fight than his broken arm. I almost slapped him on the back of the head for saying that, pointing out that he had bigger problems than me not getting a chance to fight at a tournament.

I want to take the time to thank Kyle for putting on the tournament, and my team for the great show of solidarity for an injured teammate.

Jesse, hope you get well soon and come back and train as soon as possible!

Alex Roque
BJJ Fight Club

Hey alex, hope your student is doing well. I'm glad your team did well. Again thanks for all the hospitality. Hope to see you again soon.



Alex wish Jesse well... I heard that more than seen it, I hope it's not going to deter him for the future.

Tough guy... if it was the bone he might actually be more fortunate than if it's tendon, the bone should heal stronger if given time.


Thanks guys, I'll pass on the message to Jesse.

He's in high spirits, it was just the bone, but noone needs that kind of thing happening in their first tournament ever. I feel really bad for him, but it happened and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he's able to, and get back on the horse.

Vince, how's the training out there? I'll drop by one of these days.

Hey Alex,
you are welcome anytime my friend!!! At least you won't have to worry about the snow, we don't have any yet!

Take Care


mus be nice...