Thanks to LFC

this show was amazing and i just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to fight for the title against souder. the lfc is making fights that should be on tv. anyone that is in the area, or even out of the area that hasnt been to a show should definitely go, i know the fans got more than double their moneys worth last night.  thanks again LFC, SSF gear, KTFO, and 62 gear, and American Top Team


We had a HELLUVA fight last night between Souder and Miller. It unfortunately ended in some controversy, but both fighters represented their camps and families as true professionals. I thank both of those guys for making that fight happen in the LFC. I look forward to watching both succeed in the UFC.

I wish the fight had been 10 rounds. It was amazing.

Thanks for the post Cole - you know you're always welcome here! Your dad is a beast as well, was really nice to finally meet him!


congrats on the win Cole.

enjoy my headphones!


It was an exciting fight, wasnt it? It was the most competitive fight Ive seen Cole engaged in and as promised, the fight of the night. I respected Mr. Souder before the fight per his camp and reputation alone. I hadnt had the pleasure of meeting him. When I did meet him prefight I was worried for him. He was so Nice I just knew all reports were wrong, there was no way this man could fight. Boy was I mistaken! He can go. Cole can as well. I think it was a great match up.
On another note, thanks to the LFC for their Kindness and hospitality. Everyone was very very nice. I look forward to coming up again on NYE, wife included! Scott, I'll be sending you an email.


Congrats Cole, your the man.

Cole Congrats mang!

Im going up to tader todds in a bit to hang with cole... Ill make sure to talk to him about nothing else except this.

the Mouth - best hair in the business

Cant argue with that.

Thanks OMA, what would I do without you?

it was even wild for Canadian Standards


Congrats Cole! You're on a nice roll!

American Top Team

whats the verdict? miller souder?

Cole is the man!!!