Thanks to Mohler BJJ

I'm in Dallas (Grapevine, technically)Texas taking a training course for work. I decided that I'd check out the some area BJJ and after some searching and some help from you guys, I decided to go to Mohler's BJJ in Irving, Texas. I called the school on Monday and spoke with Coach Mohler who said that I could stop by on Wednesday (today) and train in the adult BJJ class for free.

I took a cab out to the academy which was about 15 minutes away and got there at about 6:40. Their kids class was going on til 7 and I got to watch some kids do BJJ, which was interesting. Meanwhile I talked to some of the guys there and we just introduced ourselves and talked about training. Class started at 7 but Coach Mohler wasn't able to make it. Class was run by a guy named Steve (blue belt) under the supervision of a brown belt and a purple belt. We started with some warm-ups and light stretching followed by some drilling. We then did two solid techniques and played "king of the hill" (pass the guard drill). we then sparred for a little while and called it a day.

all the guys there were real nice and it was awesome to train with some different styles than i'm used to. overall, i had a very good experience and recommend you guys check it out if you're ever in the dallas area. thanks to all the guys who i trained with today - steve, cory, don, brian, bull and many others whose names are escaping me at the moment.