Thanks to the ATT guys

I just wanted to say thank you to Parhumpina, Pablo, and Jeff for coming by the wrestling room yesterday. It is a good thing for the kids to see competitors as skilled as you guys are. It was the most intense practice we have had in a long time, and I cant wait for club to start so you are back in on a regular basis.

TTT for the ATT



mendelson-Thanks to you as well. It was good seeing you at the tournament this past weekend. Good luck with your kids. Richie ATT


Whats shaking homey. Ive met all kinds of people
in the streets that know you. I need to come by
there and wrestle.


Hey Din,
Wassup Bro?!?!?! You are welcome anytime. I hear you are doing classes at PBCC, right? I have a Monday night class at FAU. Same campus, right? Anyway man, yo0u are welcome in here anytime, you know that. Gimme a call bro!

P.S.- Thanks Puma. The kids love being around the "Next Evolution" of grappling. It is a good thing because it humbles them and they realize that just because they can wrestle a little, they are not invincible.