Thanks to Thiago & Daryn

Big thanks to Thiago and Daryn for the open mat on Sat befroe Spartan from all the Newcastle lads.

Much appreciated, and if you are ever in Newcastle, let us know.

great to have you and Jamie and all the crew, more than welcome anytime you r on the Gold Coast for a roll.


What??....No love for Juggs?...I got you bastards to Melba's didn't I?? :P

Glad you guys had a good time too.

- Juggs

yeah maite, its fucking good position. ;)

juggs, who COULDNT get themselves to melbas??!!

sandals, no....thongs (and pink cowboy hats), YES! ;)

Sorry Juggs.


Their has to be love for you somewhere???

I hope that u had rythem on the dance floor.


All the rhythm at Melbas that night was from the Newcastle lads.

We carved up that dance floor, it will never be the same again!

I nearly found love at Melba's too!!!

Then she said something about 'I have to find my husband'.......


theunnatural is correct, and very astute! ;) hehe