SPRAWL, SHOWDOWN, Denis, Bill, Greg, Marcus, St.Louis, Gary, Sagel, Wyatt, Dillyman and everyone else that helped me get ready for the AFC!

Thanks guys

Jason MacDonald

ttt and congrats !

Congrat's Jay!


Congratulations on a job well done Jason... Great to see you back in the ring and kicking off your International LHW Assault in style!!!

(JHR... You have mail... Thanks Bro)

congrats Macdonald

Patrick Côté

Jason MacDonald,what about your fans??

Great victory

TTT for "The Athlete" !


Congrats Bro...I knew you had it in you, I just didn't know it would be that quick.

Way to keep things sharp and focused.

Damn...... That belt looks great on you Jay!

... Awesome!!!

Excellent photos. ttt for the new champ! Were all very proud of you Jason.

You are absolutely right Pain,how could I have forgotten, BIG THANKS TO MY FANS AND THE FANS OF MMA THAT HATE ME BUT STILL SUPPORT THE SPORT!

ttt for the big guy from Nova Scotia via Red Deer!

TTT Congrats Jay, we all knew that you had it in you!!


Congrats Jason! All the way to the top now! I remebered minutes before your fight that it was going to be on the internet live. I couldn´t get any picture but I had live audio, sounded awesome!!

Great job Jay.

You deserve every bit of praise and recognition you get. Sounds like you took Rea to school and made some fans in the process.

Congrats from all of us at Arashi-Do.


Congrats MacDonald. You do deserve the praise, it's about time!! Can't wait to see what's next for this LHW...I think you would be an excellent choice for the UFC.