Thanks UFC

Thanks UFC for the baseball cap. I got it today with the UFC Tito x Mezger posters, that I put up for them

TTT for Saucy flyer tactics!!! 

Mine came in today also

Thankyou Beth!

Got mine today too!

where are you guys at in the country? i got mine monday morning. in in the norcal bay area.

I`m in Manteca Ca not far from you bro.

whoa... weird.

Got mine yesterday, ND

I'm in San Jose,CA. and got my stuff today.

SaucyLV is a goddess.I will make her proud!

Just remember to wait to put them up so they're up the week of the event!!!

Thanks Guys!!!!


She saying UFC posters go up the week of the event, not the month before because its more of an impulse buy or something. Oh and people steal the flyers. Correct?


Can I get some flyers sent to Toronto, Canada? I'll put them to excellent use.
- journalist for

i would like to help! i know lotsa places that they would let me put up a poster. plus i need a hat for my bad hair days.

hey I want some

havent received mines yet

Thanks Beth


Posters went up right away!The hat is nice also.I hung a poster up at my Kenpo studio right as you walk in the door.

i give them to my kid to pass around at school.. No one messes with her anymore.

i got the posters, but nothing els.

no worries though