Thanksgiving In Canada for Coach

Dear Forum Members,

On Monday morning it will be our Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.
I understand the history behind the holiday, but I would like to share what entered my mind when I thought ......"what was I thankful for"???

My first thought was about the one person (besides my wife :-) ) who has inspired me to no ends. Coach Blauer.

1) Back in the middle of 1995, I was attacked at an ATM machine by knifepoint. To make it short, one seminar with Coach made all the difference in MY SURVIVAL.

2) I started to email Coach on a regular basis and he always made time to answer my questions. I remember one particular night where we were online for about 3 hours chatting and ended off the night with a phone conversation which lasted until 3:00am.

4) One of my private lessons with Coach was supposed to be only 3 hours but went over 6 hours, with dinner added in there as well.

5) The educational value of this forum and the time Coach spends here helping us is PRICELESS. I was recently on the phone with Coach at one in the morning talking about some PDR stuff, when I could hear the sound of a keyboard...GUESS what he was doing....answering all of our questions and emails. That is dedication and for that WE all are thankful for.

I could go on and on, but I want everyone here to send a post stating things Coach has done to touch your he has mine.

Thanks for everything Coach...alot of guidance and support you gave me was on a personal level and I will never forget that.

My committment to the PDR Team and your organization is my way of giving something
back to you.

Your student,

Robb Finlayson

Orinally posted over in the "Underground", however
applies to this thread as well.

As a Martial Artist, he has helped me to realise that there is so much more that i could do to better prepare myself for a real confrontation.

As a LEO, he has done just that. I have survived several life threatening situations as a result of what i have learned and continue to learn from this man.

As a Coach/Instructor, he has again instilled confidence in not only a system i truly believe in and support 100%, but in myself as a leader and this is demonstrated repeatedly by those that i have taught. Their success is as a result of this man.

As an individual, i can not begin to explain what he has done in this arena. I can only say that for the past year, my life has been nothing short of chaotic. When seeking guidance and advice, not once did this individual say, "Sorry Sean, but i don't have time for this right now." He has always made time no matter how hectic his schedule has been. If he has done this for just me, i can only imagine what he has done for many others out there.

I have, continue and ever will be a partof this team as a result of the man behind the idea.

Thank you for all that you have done and shown me!



Tommorrow may be thanksgiving day in Canada, but here
in the States, it's Columbus day.

Which is totally irrelevant.

It's also Yom Kippur...the Jewish Day of Atonement.
Which means I ain't eatin' well tommorrow...:)

What does all this have to do with Coach?
Not a damn thing. But it's one in the morning, and I'm
tired...indulge me.

I can barely begin to list the things Coach has done
for me...but I'll try.

First of all, I have not known Coach long. I first got
in touch with him about a two years ago...sent
him a snail mail check for the BYOB package.

And I was blown away. Absolutely stunned.
And the best, as they say, was yet to come.

I had been doing martial arts in one form or another
for a long time..but I knew I was missing something.
No matter what I did, I never really felt more
confident...I never felt like I could defend myself.

Coach helped me change that.

When I emailed him, asking for help because I was
terrified of sparring my sifu, he responded. Quickly,
intelligently, and most importantly...compassionately.

I will never forget the first time I talked to him. I
had called the office to make a payment on the PDR
program. When I got done giving him the info (I still
didn't know who I was talking too), he said "Hey...
did you get a chance to spar your Sifu yet?".

I was amazed. Here was a guy who makes his living
teaching thousands of people a year. He does hundreds
of seminars a year..and yet here he was, taking credit
card numbers...and he remembered who I was! And more
importantly...he cared.

See, he could have just taken the info, had his money
and gone on his way. I never would have known...but he
didn't. He stopped, and took time out of his day to
talk to me.

In that moment, my respect for him grew immensely.

Since that time, it's only grown more.

When I drove to maine to attend a seminar at Rich
Pellitier's dojo, I discovered that there were more
tolls and fewer dollars in my wallet than I thought.
Fortunately, I found an ATM, and it worked out fine.

I mentioned this to Coach in passing at the end of the
seminar. It was mentioned as a joke.."an example of
planning for failure through failing to plan"...

As I was leaving, Coach turned to me and said "hey...
are you ok to get back? Do you have enough money?"

His hand was on his back pocket.

I'm not the fastest learner when it comes to the
Arts Martial...I'm not even close.

Coach has shown me paitence when others would have
screamed. He has shown compassion where others would
have left me to fend for myself. Where others would
have laughed or mocked or scolded...he COACHED.

Coach helped me in a very tangible and real way
accomplish my goal of earning the rank of Sifu from
my kung fu instructor.

I could go on...but I think the message is clear.

I don't know that I can ever repay Coach for everything
he's done for me. I DO know that the best way I feel
I can is to be part of this team, and to spread the
same teachings that helped me.

Coach, I'm behind you 110%
We all are.

Strength and Honor,


Thanks for helping me to:

1. Be a better husband

2. Be a better father and role model to my children

3. Be a more caring and loyal friend

4. Have a greater sense of self worth

5. Have the courage to persue my dreams

6. Have a passion for excellence

7. And..oh ya to be an good fighter and teacher on his way to becoming a great one.

Thanks for Giving,


Ditto to all


This thread has a misleading title. I skipped it as I'm so busy, assuming it was the usual - nice - hey happy thanksgiving etc.

Thank you guys! Its my pleasure, I love wathcing people grow & evolve.


I couldn't say it any better than its already been said so,thanks for everything COACH!

misleading to me also, or I would have dittoed up there with Charlie!!

You know my thanks hopefully, with more to come so I wont list them now....monday I have a chiefs interview, if it works out Ill be in a police academy in january...daydreaming of getting a blue collar job if that happens so I can train up for the last few months before the academy...try to visit Tom and Joe, and you if possible and of course I would like to get to Storm Mountain too for a little trigger time....

THANKS for everything and God Bless You, your family, and your business!!

I have some programming to get back to!

For me, Coach has provided me with the tools to live life safe and aware. That is more than any material gift, and that is why I am thankful to Coach.

Pat Berter

Coach has inspired me to talk more instead of fighting(not that I dont enjoy the later). He has also taken extra time to talk to me about more things than just buisness which is very much appreciated. Coach has also taught me how to teach things better by not holding back and by showing people what they can do not what I can do. Best of all I feel I Coach has taught me trust which is the number one priority in friendship,and needless to say I trust Coach with my life. Coach Blauer is a true neccesity to his field and one of the most informative people I know. Plus anyone that knows alot about General George Patton has to be a great human being. Thanks,

Josh Whitney

Again thank you guys.