Thankyou Dana White and Sponsers

Want to thank Dana White and big Steve at the UFC, they have kindly donated to me a UFC fight package that will be raffled off at the Sparring Chronicles DVD release party. Raffle winner gets:

2 tickets to UFC supernatural at the Mandalay Bay
UFC revoultion program
UFC T-shirt and hat
Supernatural poster
Tapout clothing
Acai drink package
Herbal Viagra and other nutritional products from Natures Purest
UFC X-box fight game
Sparring Chronicles DVD.

The money is going towards me purchasing equipment for my kids at king Middle School (Los Angeles Community Education Research). I teach film there, I also want to take them to Universal Studios.

Sparring Chronicles DVD release party is going to be Monday 12th Jan at the Ivar nightclub in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Come meet chuck liddell and all the other MMA celebs, music, drink, partying, 4 big screens will be showing the New Years eve fights which just happened in Japan.
Event is free for the fans for info on Sparring Chronicles and party. E-mail me at Don't forget to order supernatural lets support the sport brothers.

Bobby Razak


nice for everyone involved


good luck bobby

Thanks Dana. Arias I got something for you.

Bobby Razak

ttt thats pretty sweet!

What bro?


Do you have the revolution, 10th year program??

Bobby Razak

Yes, of

but i dont have:

2 tickets to UFC supernatural at the Mandalay Bay,UFC T-shirt and Tapout clothing or the Sparring Chronicles DVD.




Or the Acai or the herbal viagra??? Oh well tried Arias.

Gokartmozart, e-mail me your address I will send you the DVD, when you get it just send me a check or something. One of these days when I got the time I will open a paypal account.

Bobby Razak

no prob Bobby!

thanx anyway!


Very Cool!

Bobby, consider me rsvp'ed